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Links to other nature photographers I like. . .

Bret Edge Photography

Bret skillfully captures the sights of the Colorado plateau with a tableau that ranges from the grand landscape to the intimate scene.
Danny Burk Photography

Danny's meticulous compositions photographed in soft and gentle light always provide an uplifting view into the most scenic locations in America.
Leigh Perry Photography

Leigh's minimalist interpretations of photography always evoke wonder and delight. . .
Joseph Kayne Photography

Joe's outstanding images of rural America captivate the imagination.
Michael Gordon Photography

Michael's innovative renditions of the landscape go beyond postcard photography to display a unique interpretation of the natural world.
Darwin Wiggett Natural Moments Photography

Darwin's images of Canada and beyond are always beautifully composed with compelling subjects, but his greatest gift is a mastery of the light that is second to no one.
Landscapes of the Upper Midwest by Joel Truckenbrod

Joel's portfolio from the Upper Midwest will take your breath. . .
Skolai Images by Carl Dohohue

Carl's exceptional images will take you deep into the wilderness in the most remote areas of the country and the globe.
Enduring Light Photography by John Zinn

John's fastidious care in finding, composing and photographing the landscapes of both eastern and western states results in some of the finest large-format images around.
Floris Van Breugel Photography

Floris is always boldly pushing the boundaries of nature photography to unexpected new places. . .
Wade Hardy Photography

Wade's compelling photographs of the Southeastern United States and beyond always delight the eye.
The Wildlight by Laurent Baig

Laurent's images of the deserts of southern Arizona are a marvel of scenery, light, weather and composition.
Niebrugge Images by Ron Niebrugge

Ron's images evoke the joyous feelings and moods of time spent outdoors in beautiful surroundings.
Capturing Time by Lon Overacker

Lon's images of the western U.S. inspire a deep sense of peace and tranquility in the viewer. He brings a novel and delightful perspective to the scenes and landscapes captured in his images.
Lori Kincaid Photography

Lori's portfolio of images from the Smokies and surround is the best out there.
Timeless Light by Dan Baumbach

Dan is intimately familiar with the scenery of central California and the mountains of Colorado and always captures the mood of the landscape in his evocative and unique photographs.
Andy Biggs African Photo Safaris

Andy's African landscapes and wildlife images inspire the deepest longing to travel to such an iconic and beautiful location and make images of your own. And his photo-oriented safaris are designed just for that occasion!
Gabi Lach Photography

Gabi's images of the Wasatch and beyond convey a sense of deep connection to the landscape.
Marc Adamus Photography

Marc's eye, talent and dedication to the landscape are second to no one.
Scenic Wild by Guy Tal

Guy has a well-established and powerful creative vision that comes across in his portraits of the landscapes of the Colorado plateau and surrounding regions.
Tony Kuyper Photography

Tony is a master of the light and the sandstone of the Colorado Plateau with a genuinely original vision of this region. In addition his Photoshop Luminosity Mask tutorial and photoshop actions are beloved by many photographers.
Enlightened Images by Gary Crabbe

Gary brings the California of my dreams and memories onto the screen like no other photographer. . .
Kenzie Cromer Photography

Kenzie's warm, engaging photos of birds, other animals and landscapes always make you appreciate her eye for shape, pattern and behavior.
Richard Bernabe Photography

Richard's passion for nature comes across in his emotional and powerful images of the landscapes, wildlife and outdoor activities of the southeastern US.
Jimmy Gekas Photography

Jimmy's images of the Rocky Mountains are among the most compelling I have seen, and he also brings his talented photographic eye to cover much of the rest of the western U.S.
Jay Goodrich Photographer

Jay brings the kind of fresh eye to the landscape genre that is sorely needed. . .
Chrysalizz Photography by Samantha Chrysanthou

Samantha's clean and bold compositions with gentle light always sooth the eye.
Harley Goldman Photography

Harley's images show the land in an evocative series of moods and visions from deep and rich colorful palettes to graphic monochromes.
Michael Hardeman Fine Art Nature Photography

Michael's galleries feature exquisitely detailed, masterful images with the large format camera from across the United States.
Jim M. Goldstein Photography

Jim's wildlife and landscape images have a freshness and authenticity that is compelling and liberating. . .